Presenter FAQ

We're thrilled you've joined us for the International Aquarium Congress.   IAC-Vancouver promises to have a full program schedule of industry professionals sharing their discoveries, challenges and successes from the last four years.

To help presenters, we have created this FAQ section that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have.



1. What formats are accepted for presentations?

The screens and projectors we are using will be widescreen - for consistency please make your presentation widescreen compatible 


2. What types of presentations will be able to be used?

We can work with Prezi, Keynote and PowerPoint


3. When is my presentation due?

There are two stages to this.  

Stage one - two weeks out from the congress we'd like to get as much supporting material and as many presentations as we can.  Because we are having the meetings translated to Mandarin and Japanese our translators will need to be as prepared as they can for the meetings.   If they get material in advance they can familiarize themselves with the program.   We request you send ahead any text, support material, etc that you can.   We'll be forwarding the abstracts that you approved on being selected to present.

For this please email 

Stage two - will be running the AV at the meeting.  Theywill be uploading your presentations onto our computers and will video record the presentations.  Because these meetings have a very tight schedule we would ask that you please arrive to the conference with your presentation completed.  We will pass on the revisions to the translators at this point also.


4. Speakers using PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation:

We would like to load your presentation on Sunday September 25th. will be set up near registration.  If your presentation is not complete, please check in with us on Sunday regardless.  This will give us an opportunity to meet with you and get basic information such as the format in which your presentation was developed and if you need any help with videos. 


5. Speakers using Prezi:

When presenting a Prezi presentation we will need your downloaded Prezi in the original zip file that gets downloaded from the website. 

This is accomplished by clicking on the Download button under your presentation and choosing the "Presenting on Windows and Mac without installation" option, OR when editing the presentation click the Share option and choose to "Download as portable Prezi".

This will download a zip file using the title of your presentation as the filename. Please save the zip file to a flash drive and bring to registration. 

Please Note: If you are using an embedded YouTube video it will not download the video with the presentation.  To play a YouTube video an Internet connection is required during the presentation.  Pleases check with your conference coordinator if Internet will be available in the conference room.   



Please note, each presenter will be given 20 minutes per abstract submitted - this includes a question and answer period (eg. 15 minute presentation, 5 minute Q&A period).  If your presentation goes the entire 20 minutes there will be no time for Q&A.  

If you are unsure of your time slot, please look over the program here on the website.


Presentation Tips:

  • We will be providing both Mac & PC laptops to run the presentations.  Please have your presentation in either PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote. 

  • Please have your presentation burned onto a CD or Flash-drive so that we can upload your presentation at registration. 

  • Before leaving for Vancouver please test your presentation from the CD or flash-drive on a computer other than the one you created the presentation on. 

  • Please bring all pictures and videos files associated with your presentation and have them on the CD or Flash-drive.  This will help us in case there are any problems. 

  • Please check-in with AV tech the day of your talk to review the remote to be used to advance the slides during your presentation.

  • If you have any questions or issues creating your presentation or converting video files please contact We are happy to help you.

  • When developing your presentation

    o   Use clearly visible images and graphics

    o   Use the largest size font that will work

    o   Use colors that contrast with the image background. 

    o   Avoid using white text on a light background.

    o   Avoid detailed spreadsheets & complex graphs. Data should be easily read by the audience in the last few rows


Poster Presenters

The poster boards we've rented look like the following:


They are 2 sided and will be 4'x8' (1.2m x 2.4m)

Typically posters are 2'x3' (0.6m x 0.9m)

The surface is velcro compatible or push pin

It will be free standing and we will have posters on either side

If you are a Poster Presenter we would ask that you also check in with us on Sunday,  September 25th. Posters will be presented on the website similar to the videos.  In order for your poster to be on the website we will need a high quality digital file of your poster.  The file used to print your poster will normally be sufficient.  This file can be brought to registration on a CD or flash-drive.  You can also upload it to our website by contacting


Licensing Agreement (Speakers & Poster Presenters)

Below is a written agreement that you or your institution needs to sign in order to participate in this new form of sharing information.  Please review the document carefully.  Since the legal language can sometimes be challenging to interpret please recognize that by signing the agreement you are agreeing to the following:

  • You and or your organization will retain all intellectual property of the content you created.
  • You will be granting and the 2016 International International Aquarium Congress a license to display the video on their websites.  The website will allow for viewing only of the content.
  • Please bring the signed license with you or we will have a tablet available at the conference for you to sign an electronic copy.